KSR Lighting China supply a range of LED floodlights complete with or without PIR. IP65 Rated. Great for outdoor landscape lighting.

The 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W LED floodlights incorporate three LED colour temperatures in one fitting and switchable among 3000K warm white, 4000K neutral white and 6000K cool white. Complete with or Without PIR sensor. The 100W, 150W and 200W floodlights are not available in PIR version.

Available in black finish only.


  • Die cast Aluminium construction
  • Frosted glass diffuser
  • Push fit terminals, loop in/out
  • Angled fixing bracket for easy installation
  • PIR with manual override, 90º detection angle, adjustable distance, time and lux settings
  • Stainless steel fixing screws
  • Spike accessory available for 10-50W floodlights
  • IP65

 Siena Triple CCT LED Floodlights

(3000K/4000K/6000K switchable)


KSR5280Siena CCT 10W LED Floodlight10W3 in 1770-860lmDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5281Siena CCT 10W LED Floodlight c/w PIR10W3 in 1770-860lmDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5282Siena CCT 20W LED Floodlight20W3 in 11100-400lmDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5283Siena CCT 20W LED Floodlight c/w PIR20W3 in 11100-400lmDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5284Siena CCT 30W LED Floodlight30W3 in 12600-2800lmDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5285Siena CCT 30W LED Floodlight c/w PIR30W3 in 12600-2800lmDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5286Siena CCT 50W LED Floodlight50W3 in 13000-4200lmDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5287Siena CCT 50W LED Floodlight c/w PIR50W3 in 13000-4200lmDie Cast AluminiumIP65

 Siena 100W/150W/200W LED Floodlights


KSR5288Siena 100W 3000K LED Floodlight100W8500lm3000KDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5289Siena 100W 4000K LED Floodlight100W8400lm4000KDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5290Siena 150W 3000K LED Floodlight150W12380lm3000KDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5291Siena 150W 4000K LED Floodlight150W13250lm4000KDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5292Siena 200W 3000K LED Floodlight200W16200lm3000KDie Cast AluminiumIP65
KSR5293Siena 200W 4000K LED Floodlight200W16300lm4000KDie Cast AluminiumIP65

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